Suprem has installed a new manufacturing line to produce high-quality high-performance thermoplastic composite materials for automated additive manufacturing. Relying on decades of experience in thermoplastic composite materials and its employees’ innovation spirit, a new production asset with advanced technologies has been developed and built. Customized materials in form of unidirectional Tape and Profile can be manufactured and used for challenging applications from down the oceans up to the space. Suprem’s Tape can be wound for making cylindrical parts like pipes and tanks or can be placed and consolidated in one-step (in-situ consolidation). It can also be overmolded. Suprem’s new brand for 3D-printing materials Filaprem® will also profit from this high-tech machinery.

Thermoplastic composite materials are inherently enablers for the circular economy since they can be re-used, can reduce CO2 emission by lowering part weight and decrease part cost thanks to quick automated processes. Dr. Anatole Gilliot, CEO: “It is a tremendous milestone for Suprem and I am very impressed by the team that contributed to it. This new manufacturing line with innovative modern technology will allow Suprem to support existing and new customer projects. It will extend our production capacity and secure redundancy while not compromising on the high and constant product quality needed for automated additive manufacturing.”

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