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Werkstoffkolloqium am DLR-WF

The Institute of Materials Research of the German Aerospace Center invites you to attend the annual DLR Materials Colloquium on Tuesday, 07 December 2021, as a hybrid event at the DLR campus in Cologne as well as online.

An ambitious leap in air transport sustainability reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 75% in 2050 is one of the main targets set by the Advisory Council for Aviation Research in Europe (ACARE). To achieve these goals ultra-efficient, low emissions engine designs and green fuels are needed along with new materials and manufacturing processes. Light-weight, high-temperature resistant ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) for vanes, blades, or ducts are one of the most promising class of materials to increase turbine engine performance and efficiency. In industrial manufacturing, CMC already enable energy-efficient thermal processes. But there remain key challenges to the widespread application of CMC particularly in the aeronautics and space sector, i.e. a deeper understanding of these complex materials, up-scaling from sample level and small prototypes to full-scale components to prove real performance, securing material supply chains and establishing cost-effective production processes.

In this year’s DLR Materials Colloquium renowned experts from academia and industry present and discuss current trends spanning from materials development to manufacturing technologies of oxide and non-oxide CMC to application specifically in the aerospace industry.

We cordially invite you to be our guest and are looking forward to exchange knowledge and experience in this exciting field.

Once registered you will receive a confirmation email. You will then have the opportunity to tell us whether you would like to attend the DLR Materials Colloquium at the DLR site in Cologne. Please note that due to Covid regulations the number of seats is limited and the well-known 3G hygiene rules (vaccinated, recovered, tested) will be applied.

The current agenda is available here: Agenda DLR Materials Colloquium