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China-Germany-Japan Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing of New Energy Vehicles

bis 10.12.2021

The lightweight and intelligent manufacturing technology of new energy vehicles has become the national manufacturing development strategy of „Made in China 2025“ and „National 13th Five-Year Plan for the Intelligent Manufacturing“. China’s automobile industry will use intelligent manufacturing technology to achieve a comprehensive industrial upgrade. The intelligent, lightweight, and electrified technologies of China’s new energy vehicles have brought about new changes, and will also accelerate the development of key technologies for new energy vehicles, the innovation of green product lines as well as smart equipment technology applications.

China’s huge market demand for new energy vehicles has created huge business opportunities for the development of the global automotive industry. China, Germany and Japan are three leading countries which are developing and applying new manufacturing technologies for new energy vehicles. This workshop provides a platform for the experts from these three countries to demonstrate new advanced manufacturing technologies for new energy vehicles and further discussions.