9T Labs AG, a pioneer in digital, automated, and cost-effective serial production of continuous fiber components, is embarking on a global tour to engage with key players across various markets in February and March 2024.

Virtual Event: „Additive Fusion Technology for Bicycle Components“
On February 15th at 2pm CET, 9T Labs will kick off the tour with a virtual event focusing on the bicycle components market. The webinar, „Additive Fusion Technology for Bicycle Components,“ will feature a renowned representative from the cycling field opening the session. Mark Lechler, 9T Labs‘ Cycling Component Specialist, will then demonstrate how engineers can easily design, optimize, and manufacture lightweight and robust parts at scale with AFT™. Interested individuals can register for the webinar here.

Paris: SAMPE Summit 24 and JEC World 2024
The tour’s second stage will take place in Paris, beginning on March 4th at the SAMPE Summit 24, where Yannick Willemin, 9T Labs‘ Director of Business Development, will present on „Thermoplastic Applications in Olympic Cycling and More.“ From March 5th to 7th, the tour moves to JEC World 2024. A dedicated team of 9T Labs experts will be on-site to showcase how AFT™ empowers organizations to create products that are strong, lightweight, and sustainable. Physical parts, including aircraft interior brackets, suspension rocker links, and watch cases, will be on display. On March 7th, don’t miss the sports conference co-moderated by Martin Eichenhofer, co-founder and CEO of 9T Labs. Attendees can schedule appointments here. 

Taipei Cycle Show 2024
The tour’s ultimate stage is set in Taipei, hosting the Taipei Cycle Show from March 6th to 9th. Giovanni Cavolina, co-founder and CCO of 9T Labs, and Yannick Willemin, Director of Business Development, will showcase the potential of AFT™ to transform the design and production process of bicycle components. Physical part demonstrators, including a suspension rocker link, will be available on demand. Attendees can schedule appointments here.

Join 9T Labs on this exciting journey from virtual to Paris and Taipei, and witness the transformative power of Additive Fusion Technology (AFT)™ in revolutionizing manufacturing across diverse industries.

About 9T Labs AG
9T Labs AG is a pioneering technology company specializing in the digital and automated production of continuous fiber-reinforced composite parts. The company’s Additive Fusion Technology (AFT)™ is recognized for its ability to enable cost-effective, scalable production of lightweight and high-performance components across various industries. Learn more at www.9tlabs.com.


Yannick Willemin
Director Business Development – 9T Labs

9T Labs’ Hardware Suite including the Build Module and the Fusion Module
Aircraft Overhead Bin Pin Bracket Manufactured with 9T Labs’ Additive Fusion Technology (AFT)™
Luxury Timepiece Watch Case Manufactured with 9T Labs’ Additive Fusion Technology (AFT)™
Set of suspension rocker links manufactured with 9T Labs’ Additive Fusion Technology (AFT)™

9T Labs will be showcasing at SAMPE Summit, JEC World, and Taipei Cycle Show new applications produced by the company’s unique Additive Fusion Technology (AFT)™ Red Series® platform such as a high-performance rear suspension rocker link, a watch case, and an aircraft interior bracket.