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WG Composites in Orthopaedic Technology

The “Composites in Orthopaedic Technology” working group was founded at the beginning of 2022 with the aim of promoting the use of fiber-reinforced plastics in

WG Lightweight Design for Hydrogen Systems

Topics within the framework of this cross-sector CU working group include: Covering the entire value chain of lightweight components from development to industrialization Manufacturing and

SWG Composite Fatigue

The sub-working group (SWG) “Composite Fatigue” brings together representatives from industry and science who are concerned with the failure of fiber composites. The main focus

WG Material and Component Testing

Essential work contents are: Closing of technology gaps to inline non-destructive evaluation (NDE) in automated manufacturing Drastic cost reductions for component NDE (both for NDE

WG Structural Integrity

The CU BW (CU Baden-Württemberg) cluster established the WG “Structural Integrity” in October 2014. The topics of crash, high velocity impact (HVI), damage tolerance (LVI),

WG Smart Structures

Multifunctional composites combine optimal structural mechanical performance with a variety of functional properties. The mechanical and diverse physical properties of the multifunctional composite can be

WG Multi-Material Design

The “Function-Integrating Lightweight Engineering in Multi-Material Design” (Dresden model) offers numerous advantages over conventional designs. In order to exploit these advantages and accelerate the industrial

WG Adhesive Bonding and Joining Technologies

As a joining technology, adhesive bonding technology covers topics ranging from the chemistry and physics of adhesives, joining parts and surfaces to the mechanical behaviour

WG Manufacturing Process Simulation

A steady increase in knowledge about the manufacturing process has been captured by dedicated simulation tools for virtual manufacturing assessment in recent years. In this

WG Engineering

Practically and theoretically oriented engineers work together in the WG Engineering. These come from smaller and larger companies as well as from universities and institutes.

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