Composites United e.V. (CU), one of the world’s largest networks for fiber-based multi-material lightweight construction, emerged by the two associations Carbon Composites e.V. and CFK Valley e.V. About 400 members have joined to form this high-performance industry and research association to jointly develop lightweight construction solutions for the future.

Vision &

By 2025 we will develop into an internationally recognized association for the sustainable use of multi-material lightweight construction and position the group of hybrid high-performance lightweight construction composites in global competition as ecological and economic added value.

We promote the industrial use of hybrid high-performance lightweight construction composites and support their sustainable use.
In order to achieve this goal, we support our members in the targeted acquisition of national and international projects, the presentation of their skills at national and international events/trade fairs and through specific educational offers.


Expansion of services for the members of the association


Implementation of regional and national conferences


Networking of the members connected by the clusters and networks


Advice to politicians on questions concerning fibre-reinforced high-performance materials


Support of members in R&D activities


Creating access to international markets and knowledge


Composites United is looking for partners around the world to drive the development of composite technology.


Composites United consists of approximately 400 members from various industries, regions and countries, companies and institutions.


Joint projects bring the members of the network together on important topics in the industry and shape the future of the composites industry.


Over 40 technical working groups and groups on all relevant topics in the composites industry.


The CU cooperates with important partners in the field of multi-material lightweight construction in order to bundle forces and use multiplier effects.


Our sponsors share the passion for innovation with us and support the association in realizing its goals.

Advantages of a

Unique advantages of a membership in the Composites United e.V. network


Support in the implementation of innovations


Participation in research and development projects


Research promotion via Carbon Composites Leichtbau gGmbH as a member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations "Otto von Guericke" e.V. (AiF).


Mediation of cooperations and business initiations with companies and research institutions of the latest composite technology


Involvement in new strategic development directions, e.g. in the field of digitisation and AI


Constructively critical support of the legislative authorities in the field of sustainability and recycling of CFRP.


Possibility of a targeted search for skilled workers

New Markets

Access to new national and international markets


Information and participation in national and international funding initiatives


Reduced or free participation in theme days and specialist events

Groups & Circles

Free participation in numerous meetings of the working groups and circles as well as the possibility to create your own groups


High-profile presentation at the CU joint stand at national and international trade fairs


Publication of the latest information from your company in the CU reports

Groups & Circles

Reduced or free attendance of further education seminars


People with a passion for innovation and new technologies


National and international networking

Future with

Lightweight construction is an important topic of our time. Carbon is a material that is extremely important for lightweight construction. Professions dealing with carbon have a future in all industries – from sports equipment and instrument manufacturers to car and aircraft manufacturers.

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  • Seit der Gründung des Vereins ist ein enormes Mitgliederwachstum zu verzeichnen, sodass aktuell ca. 400 Unternehmen und Institutionen Teil des CU-Netzwerkes sind
  • Etabliertes Mitgliedermagazin „CU reports“, welches zweimal im Jahr in großer Auflage sowohl auf Deutsch als auch Englisch erscheint
  • Langjährige öffentlichkeitswirksame Präsentation des Vereins und seiner Mitglieder auf dem CU-Gemeinschaftsstand im Rahmen nationaler und internationaler Messen. Größter Gemeinschaftstand auf der JEC World 2020.
  • Gründung der Carbon Composites Leichtbau gGmbH als Mitglied der Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen „Otto von Guericke“ e.V. (AiF)
  • 38 technische Arbeitsgruppen zu relevanten Themen der Branche. Ihre Schwerpunkte reichen von Einzelaspekten in Entwicklung und Produktion über Smart Structures, Biocomposites und Nachhaltigkeit bis zu Normung und Standardisierung
  • Deutschlandweite sowie regionale politische Positionierung und Etablierung des Netzwerkes   
  • Etablierung des Spitzenclusters MAI Carbon als regionalen, nationalen und internationalen Leuchtturm im Bereich Faserverbund
  • Entwicklung und Umsetzung einer geschlossenen Bildungskette von der frühkindlichen Bildung bis hin zur Promotion


Since the foundation of the association, there has been an enormous growth in membership, so that currently about 400 companies and institutions are part of the CU network

Established member magazine "CU reports", which is published twice a year in large print runs in both German and English

Long-standing public presentation of the association and its members at the CU joint stand at national and international trade fairs. Largest joint stand at the JEC World 2020.

Foundation of Carbon Composites Leichtbau gGmbH as a member of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations "Otto von Guericke" e.V. (AiF)

38 technical working groups on relevant industry issues. Their focal points range from individual aspects of development and production, smart structures, biocomposites and sustainability to standardization

Germany-wide and regional political positioning and establishment of the network

International establishment of the network beyond Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Belgium) with a focus on Asia (Japan, Korea, India and China)

Establishment of the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon as a regional, national and international beacon in the field of fibre composites

Development and implementation of a closed educational chain from early childhood education to doctoral studies

First industrial CFRP recycling plant inaugurated in 2010 after pilot testing by member companies

Several settlements and creation of jobs in the composite sector

Establishment of the first university of applied sciences with an exclusive international course of studies in composites technology with Bachelor and Master degrees

Promotion of numerous lighthouse projects for the development of composites technology in new application areas (automotive, transportation, construction, etc.)


Contact person

Alexander Gundling

CEO Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Dr. Gunnar Merz

CEO Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Dr. Tjark von Reden

Deputy Managing Director Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Anna-Lea Glocker

Head of Marketing & Communications

Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Dipl.-Ing. Werner Haible

Carbon and Organizational Consulting, IT & Infrastructure

Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Rolf Heusing

Office Management

Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Doris Karl

Public Relations

Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Katharina Lechler

Head of Education and Professional Training

Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Lydia Raab

Management Assistance
Member & Project Management

Composites United e.V.

Contact details
Stefan Steinacker

Head of Exhibition & Conference Management

Composites United e.V.

Contact details

Executive Committee

Prof. Dr. Hubert Jäger

Spokesman of the Executive Committee

Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Leichtbau und Kunststofftechnik (ILK)

Prof. Dr. Dieter Meiners

Spokesman of the Executive Committee

TU Clausthal, Institut für Polymerwerkstoffe und Kunststofftechnik

Holger Bär

Blue Cube Germany Productions GmbH & Co. KG

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Drechsler

Fraunhofer-Einrichtung für Gießerei-, Composite- und Verarbeitungstechnik IGCV

Dr.-Ing. Lars Herbeck

Voith Composites SE & Co. KG

Prof. Dr. Axel Herrmann

Faserinstitut Bremen

Ralph Hufschmied

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH

Dr. -Ing. Jens Walla

Premium Aerotec GmbH