Dr. Tjark von Reden

Project duration

01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023

Project partner

HyMatPLUS is the accompanying project of the materials platform “Hybrid Materials – New Possibilities, New Market Potentials (HyMat)”.



HyMatPlus acts as a supporting element for the implementation of the platform and is thus one of the three cornerstones of the materials platform. An important focus of the accompanying project is the active networking of the collaborative projects that will be funded in the future. Networking will create opportunities for cooperation between the players involved and thus for the systematic and method-supported generation of new research and innovation projects. In addition, HyMatPLUS aims to harness synergies between collaborative projects and to further publicize the importance of hybrid materials so that the transition of hybrid materials to industrial applications is successful.

In addition to networking the collaborative projects, the expert panel is also coordinated by HyMatPLUS. For this purpose, the meetings of the expert panel are prepared, moderated and the results are processed. For the preparation, analyses and studies are carried out, which represent the state of the art. This is the basis for the expert panel to work out barriers to the market use of hybrid materials.

In addition, the HyMatPLUS project will also conduct public relations work for the materials platform. Not only will the platform itself be presented; the individual projects and selected results will also be published.

The HyMatPLUS project is being carried out by Composites United e. V. (CU). The CU is Europe’s leading network for fiber-reinforced materials and thus has a wealth of experience with regard to hybrid materials and profitably contributes many years of experience as well as knowledge in the coordination and networking of R&D projects to the materials platform.

HyMat materials platform