Composites United e.V., together with its members from industry and science, is driving forward the further development of hybrid lightweight design materials in a broad portfolio of measures at regional, national and international level. The activities are strategically supported and coordinated by the respective experts within the association. SME in particular should benefit from the research, development and innovation projects and be directly involved.


Composites United e.V. initiates and coordinates various projects along the entire value chain in the fields of technology, design and engineering, efficiency and sustainability, production system, education, networking and internationalization.


Composites United e.V., its clusters and networks are committed to the interests of their members. We support you in research and development topics, we connect you with the right partners, find the right funding opportunities, initiate project programmes and are a strong partner for you throughout the entire project development process. No matter whether it’s application, conflict management or processing: We support you in the wide field of funding opportunities.

Cost calculation

Make sure that you take the right path when developing your CFRP products and thus keep subsequent production costs under control. During the development of new products it is important to be able to estimate at the earliest possible stage how expensive a part, component or the whole product will be. How does the material or a process influence the later component costs. Don’t wait until the product is fully developed to calculate the costs. Estimate the costs early in the development process and take advantage of the benefits of being a CU member.

Reports & Studies

Let our numerous competences convince you.