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Aktuelle Forschungsschwerpunkte im Composites United liegen auf den Carbonfaserverstärkten Kunststoffen (CFK), den Carbonfaserverstärkten Betonen und den Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC). Dabei adressieren wir alle Themengebiete entlang der Wertschöpfungskette, wie z. B. Produktionssysteme, Effizienz & Nachhaltigkeit, Design & Engineering, Digitalisierung & Automatisierung sowie Wissen, Geschäftsmodelle und Netzwerk.

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To do this, register with our partner, 4cost GmbH, in the Cost Competence Centre (c3) calculation module and describe your product.

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What does c3 mean?

The Cost Competence Centre (c3) is a web platform. Customers can order, buy and use parametric cost calculations for their products.

The customer enters the project information of the product to be calculated into the system. Or project-related files are uploaded (e.g. drawings, 3D models, …). The customer then receives an offer for the cost calculations price. By confirming the order, the customer accepts the offer. After receipt of the order, a suitable expert is entrusted with the processing; an internal system workflow enables the best possible staffing. The calculations are carried out partially automatically with the software solutions from 4cost GmbH. A subsequent check by the expert validates the calculation. This quality-checked calculation is made available to the customer for viewing and downloading as a report.

Quick estimate (quick calculation):

This parametric calculation is based on the innovative approach of performing a parametric cost calculation with little technical information about the product. These determined costs are checked by the experts, adjusted if necessary and then approved.


Detailed calculation:

This method is based on the classic bottom-up surcharge calculation. All processing steps are listed in detail and linked to the resource’s “machine”, “tool” and “human”. The hourly rates used result in a detailed breakdown of costs for all parts list elements with the respective operating time.


What is parametric?

Parametric cost analysis – a brief introduction:

The parametric calculation is a scientifically supported procedure to derive the costs from technical descriptions of a product or project. A universal parametric model is based on thousands of regression analyses (costs in relation to technical parameters). These functions and the underlying data sets are processed, calibrated and standardized. These cost functionalities are then converted into a multidimensional cost model. In the next step, the cost functions are decoupled from the determined data, but influences such as Inflation effects and technological improvements are also mapped in the multi-dimensional functions. A parametric model enables the user to determine the expected manufacturing and development costs of a product or project from a technically descriptive point of view and on the basis of economic parameters. The parametric approach makes it possible to generate valid results in all combinations, from simple parts to complex systems consisting of mechanical, electronic and mechatronic, the associated software, optical components and assemblies. With the parametric, complex systems also receive the evaluation of integration and test efforts and, if desired, a detailed life cycle calculation is performed.


Our partner
4cost GmbH

4cost GmbH has been active since 2008, the shareholders for 30 years in the field of cost estimation, cost determination and cost forecasting. During this time, more than 2,000 projects were carried out in a wide variety of industries. With its 4cost methods, solutions and services, the company, which has won several innovation prizes, primarily supports cost optimization for new developments. The parametric cost analysis plays a decisive role in determining valid manufacturing costs in the early project phases with low information density or availability.

Our partner 4cost GmbH has also been active in fibre composite technology for a long time. There is experience from the aviation industry with many calculations for the new CFRP design. In military projects, mainly planned in innovative fibre composite technology and later also implemented, the innovative 4cost models were and are used to calculate.

In this way, the CU can expand the extensive technological support of its members with pragmatic economic assistance.