WG Composites in Rail Vehicles

Fiber-reinforced composites are already being used successfully across all industries. Nevertheless, the requirements from aviation, automotive, mechanical engineering, energy technology, civil engineering, etc. are not

WG Hybrid CMC

Due to their special property profile in terms of corrosion and high-temperature stability as well as their lightweight design potential, ceramic matrix composites (CMC) can

WG Composites in Orthopaedic Technology

The “Composites in Orthopaedic Technology” working group was founded at the beginning of 2022 with the aim of promoting the use of fiber-reinforced plastics in

WG Pultrusion

“Pultrusion is the fastest growing application in composites“ What‘s in for me? Exchange between network members related to pultrusion Discussions about new applications & solutions

WG SMC in High-Performance Applications

“Sheet Molding Compound” (SMC) have been conquering the top of the most processed fiber composite materials in Germany and Europe every year for decades. To

PhD Working Group of Ceramic Composites

The “PhD Working Group of Ceramic Composites” emerged from the already existing group “Reinforcement of Ceramic Materials”, which is a joint event of Ceramic Composites

WG Lightweight Design for Hydrogen Systems

Topics within the framework of this cross-sector CU working group include: Covering the entire value chain of lightweight components from development to industrialization Manufacturing and

WG Composites Influencer

The “Composites Influencer” working group has the goal of preparing composites and its associated technology in a way that is suitable for certain target groups,

WG Composite Repair

The world of composites is constantly making progress in the development and use of new materials. Especially in this context, it is important to consider

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