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WG German-Chinese Composite Cooperation (GCCC)

Head of working groupAnsprechpartner
Dr. Bastian Brenken

Managing Director

Composites United e.V. –
CU Nord

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Head of working groupAnsprechpartner
Dr. Bastian Brenken

Managing Director

Composites United e.V. –
CU Nord

Contact details

Who can join WG GCCC?
CU members who are interested in a German-Chinese exchange for joint business, R&D activities and/or an improved German-Chinese intercultural understanding.

Mission Statement of WG GCCC:
The working group GCCC is the German-Chinese exchange platform of the CU network. It strives to push forward key topics of common interest like Green Technologies, Digitalization and Supply Chain with China for the mutual benefit of the players involved while at the same time improving the German-Chinese intercultural understanding.


Technical Key Questions:

Green Technologies:
What is the potential of a cooperation between China and EU in terms auf green technologies to increase eco-efficiency and reduce CO2-emissions? What can we do together for society and the future of our planet while benefitting as company/institute at the same time?
What is the influence of digitalization to us? How will composites manufacturing change? How can we benefit as company / institute in the digital era with topics China? How can digital formats be utilized for an effective communication with Chinese and German partners?
Supply Chain:
Focus on the topics of globalization and de-globalization! How should the export oriented German and Europe companies, especially SME, deal with the game? What and where are chances for German CU-members to participate in the growing Chinese industry and collaborate with Chinese partners?


Cultural Key Questions:

German-Chinese Companies:
What are the needs of CU members with Chinese shareholders (e.g. Broetje Automation, Krauss Maffei, FFT, COTESA, MAKA)? How can CU support?
German-Chinese Collaboration:
What are the important intercultural recommendations and rules that should be known to the players involved for a German-Chinese collaboration (joint business or R&D)? What are expectations of German & Chinese companies? How should an ideal communication look like?


Important incoming topics for WG GCCC:

  • What are the chances and challenges that come with the Chinese 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) and vision for 2035?
  • What are the chances and challenges for CU members with respect to the Chinese dual-cycle development pattern (It means the country’s growth will rely on both domestic and international economic cycles, with the domestic cycle being the mainstay) to drive China’s growth?
  • What are challenges and chances for CU members that result from the Chinese mega project BRI (Belt and Road Initiative)? How can CU members really benefit from BRI projects as competitor and cooperation partner?
  • How can CU members benefit from the EU-Asia Connectivity Strategy, which was launched by EU in 2018 to deepen the ties between Europe and Asia by enhancing transport, energy, digital, and human connectivity; alternative and cooperation with Chinese BRI?

What will WG GCCC deliver to the CU Network?

A continuous platform to find opportunities for a mutual benefit of both German and Chinese partners.

Results of the WG may include:

  • Newsletter articles
  • Webseminars
  • Workshops
  • Common technical reports
  • Joint PR and lobbying for the benefit of the CU network & the players involved
  • Joint R&D-projects of the WG participants
  • Joint business of the WG participants