Fibre composites in medical technology In addition to the known material properties, materials made of carbon fibres are also ideally suited for use in the


Fibre composites in the aerospace industry Fibre composites consist of reinforcing fibres (short, long or endless) and a plastic matrix (thermoplastic or duroplastic). The matrix


Fibre composites in the automotive industry The industry section “Automotive” is currently being updated. An update will follow shortly.

Mechanical engineering

Fibre composites in mechanical engineering While fiber-reinforced lightweight materials are gaining ground in the aerospace industry and now increasingly in the automotive industry – even

building industry

Fibre composites in the building industry The development of fibre composite materials began in the 50s of the last century. Very soon they were also

Wind power

Fibre composites in wind turbines As early as 1957, under the leadership of wind energy pioneer Professor Ulrich Hütter, the first rotor blades made of


Fibre composites in sport Athletes and coaches are enthusiastic, top athletes achieve top performances and Carbon also celebrates success in popular sports across the board.

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