By participating in the CU Working Group (WG) “Composites Influencer”, which was newly founded this year, CU members bundle their communication activities and develop a far-reaching voice for their interests and those of the entire industry. The basis for this is formed by various communications campaigns, which address the different target groups via a variety of media. In the first step, the focus will be on the following content:

  • added value of the material (especially, but not only CFRP)
  • alternative manufacturing processes/raw materials
  • sustainability


Submit your success stories!

We would like to encourage you as a member to provide us with “stories” that we can publish and pass on in our network and beyond.

In order to keep the initial effort on your side as low as possible, we have created a template which we would like to make available to you in this way. In the first step, we would like to ask you to formulate your “success story” in the form of the template and send it to us. The first deadline for consideration of the topics for the next campaigns is Friday, October 22, 2021. Of course, you can also send us further success stories after this deadline. However, for the initial campaign(s) we will only consider submissions before the deadline.

 About the process:

  • We will review the success stories received and internally assess them for their feasibility for a communication campaign.
  • If we want to continue telling the story, we will actively approach you for a more detailed formulation.
  • Together with you, experts from our network will elaborate the story for different target groups.
  • According to the target groups, we will distribute the result through different communication channels; and
  • We will share measurable results/feedback with you.


You can find said template here. You can also find a sample entitled „CFRP bridge on the island of Rügen” here.


Please use only the template for the submission of your success story and formulate the problem, idea and solution as briefly and concisely as possible.

For the further elaboration of the story, you can then formulate much more freely and comprehensively.

We hope for your support and would like to thank you already now for your participation.


Contact and submissions:

Theo Sandu

Business and Market Development Manager CU Switzerland and
Head of WG „Composites Influencer“

+41 – 52 520 74 07