Suprem is launching a new brand for continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics for 3D printing. Filaprem™ materials are tailored to replace steel, titanium or aluminum alloys by composites as wellas to locally strengthen plastics. It will make parts lighter and stronger. The high and consistent quality of Filaprem™ with good fibre/matrix distribution and low porosityenable to print parts with low downtime and minimal scrap. High mechanical performance andappropriate temperature resistance are achieved thanks to engineered polymers and fibres.

Dr. Anatole Gilliot, CEO: “I am very pleased we can transfer our long-term experience in continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics into 3D printing. This additive manufacturing technology opens new opportunity for design of small and complex parts as well as remote automated manufacturing. Filaprem™ materials will contribute to the industrialization and democratization of 3D printing with continuous fibre.”

Filaprem™, continuous fibre for 3D printing.






Read Supreme’s press release here.