Image source: DLR – Institut für Bauweisen- und Strukturtechnologie
As part of a joint research activity, a Fast Lane project was created to develop of a thermoplastic rear pressure bulkhead demonstrator and the associated process technology. The future use case is envisaged for a single-aisle aircraft such as the Airbus A320. The development stages are based on the TRL criteria. In the LuFo 6.1 funding project HoTStufF, starting in 2020, the plan is to reach a TRL6 level is planned. From the beginning, aspects such as industrialisation and online quality assurance in manufacturing technologies and construction are taken into account. In addition to the demonstrator designed for substitution (interface compatibility with the Airbus A320), HoTStufF is additionally to be used to develop a completely new type of rear pressure bulkhead design. It will be more independent from industrial specifications. Another constant goal is to extend this in the future to the consideration of higher stressed structural areas of the aircraft, such as the fuselage and the wings.
Image source: DLR – Institut für Bauweisen- und Strukturtechnologie

The project will deepen activities in the field of large thermoplastic parts and in the context of industrial applications. Furthermore, the cooperation with Premium Aerotec GmbH, represented in Augsburg, will be expanded, enabling the next project acquisitions.

  • Runtime: 2018 – 2023
  • Project partner: Premium Aerotec GmbH, Airbus, Fraunhofer IGCV, MSquare, Coriolis
  • Application fields: aviation, traffic
  • Funding: own resources of Premium Aerotec GmbH, aviation research program LuFo 6.1