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WG Technical Market Report

Dr. Thomas Heber

Managing Director

Composites United e.V. –
CU Ost

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In order to recognize the further development potentials in dynamic and technology-focused market segments around fiber composites at an early stage, a clearer picture of the market development from a technical point of view is indispensable. For this reason, the CU has decided not only to summarize the cross-industry market opportunities for its members on an annual retrospective basis, but also to develop a significantly expanded “Technical Market Report”, which will highlight market opportunities for CU members more clearly and at an earlier stage, thus enabling individual competitive advantages.

In detail, the WG “Technical Market Report” comprises the following contents:

  • cross-industry analysis of technical developments
  • cross-industry evaluation of the potential of technologies, materials, etc.
  • industry-specific recording and cataloging of requirements for production technologies, materials, semi-finished products (in which industry will the “post go off” with which material and with which production technology in the near future)
  • Consideration of technical details (e.g. which fiber in which roving fineness is used where) to predict volume effects and price developments
  • Can multipliers for a material or technology be identified?
  • Consideration as a mathematical “function” with the variables: f (fiber type, fiber fineness, production technology, industry, type of semi-finished product, matrix material, production technology, quantity, price, etc. …)