Thermosets such as glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) have excellent properties, and their production has therefore been increasing continuously for several years. Today, more than 200,000 tonnes of GRP waste have to be disposed of in Europe every year, as no recycling process in the sense of the circular economy has yet been established on the market.

Recyclate developed by iwas-concepts AG in granulate form (source: iwas-concepts AG).

That is why iwas-concepts AG, together with partners from research and industry, develops and implements innovative and sustainable solutions for GFRP recycling to process these high-quality waste products and return them into the material cycle. A team from the FHNW, in collaboration with partners , has now developed a process that allows the thermally consolidated material to be converted into a new recyclate that has the properties of a glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastic. The process and the products have reached market-ready status. Together with partners, these are now being scaled up to industrial scale and prepared for market entry.

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