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Educators help to introduce children and young people to previously unknown things. These include materials that also play a role in later life: A person’s first experience with a material that he or she works on or calculates in his or her profession often takes place during childhood and adolescence.

The Composites United e. V. (CU) has set itself the task of informing experts and the public about the properties of fiber composite materials and getting them excited about carbon as a material. For this reason, the MAI Carbon Leading-Edge Cluster has been tasked since 2012 with establishing an end-to-end education chain for fiber composite technology.

This education chain, which was developed in cooperation with practitioners and experts, ranges from early childhood education to factory lessons and project work in general education school types and vocational qualification to bachelor education under scientific supervision.

On the following pages you will find the teachers’ handbook “Fiber Composites”, information on teacher training courses, the handout for daycare centers and elementary schools “Materials of the Present and Future”, information on educators’ training courses and various teaching materials. All materials are available in German only.

Teacher's Guide

The Fiber Composites Teacher’s Guide was developed for educators who want to make their lessons exciting and future-oriented. After all, today’s students are tomorrow’s specialists.

Click here for the teacher’s guide in PDF format.

You are also welcome to request printed copies of the Teacher’s Guide from us. Please contact Katharina Lechler (katharina.lechler@composites-united.com).

Teacher training

Lightweight design – innovation through new materials

Slimming down and thus saving raw materials and energy – this is the idea behind lightweight design. Materials that make lightweight design possible in the first place are materials such as fiber composites.

In this teacher training course, which Composites United e. V. has developed together with the Initiative Junge Forscherinnen und Forscher e. V. (IJF), teachers receive an introduction to the basic principles of lightweight construction and fiber composites and try out how to gain insight into complicated technologies through simple experiments.

The training is aimed at Bavarian teachers of science subjects at middle schools, junior high schools, high schools and FOS/BOS.


This handout for educators in elementary and primary schools offers didactics for children from 4 to 8 years of age. By comparing them with familiar materials such as wood, metals and plastics, the children can literally get to grips with the new fiber composites and carbon in particular.

Click here for the Handout in PDF format.

You are also welcome to request printed copies of the Handout from us. Please contact Katharina Lechler (katharina.lechler@composites-united.com).

Teaching unit

Below you will find a ready-designed teaching unit as a suggestion and example for introducing the fiber composite/carbon topic in theoretical lessons. (Only available in German.)

Course plan

Picture carbon bike


Text basis


Expectation AB

Picture presentation

Vocational orientation

Ideas for a practical implementation of the topic can be found in our “Teacher’s Guide Fiber Composites“.

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