Great interest from the industry

Two successful online events in April, each with around 100 participants, confirm the concept of the Virtual Masterclass from Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme. Machining experts from leading aerospace manufacturers and suppliers as well as participants from research institutions, mechanical engineering, model making and the automotive industry attended the practice-oriented presentations. The recipe for success of the Virtual Masterclasses is the joint presentation with partners – this time it was Tebis Technische Informationssysteme AG and FOOKE GmbH. The Virtual Masterclass is planned to be repeated in English.

Using the example of a CFRP wingshell, the production of a vacuum clamping device from polyurethane block material and delamination-free cutting and drilling of carbon fiber composite with special tools were demonstrated. Tebis explained how to create a digital twin despite the lack of CAD data. The 45-minute seminar sections, each separated by a half-hour break, were followed by a lively round of questions and discussion.

“Our online events with partners have become an attractive way to bring together more machining professionals on a topic than might be expected at an in-house event. The participation right to the end and the queries showed how interested the participants were in listening,” says Heiko Simonis, Business Development at Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH and one of the speakers. For example, people asked about experiences with other composite materials, about the linear drives of the FOOKE Endura 715 and about reverse engineering in Tebis. There were also very specific inquiries about cutting data and ordering BlockBuster tools.

The production of the vacuum clamping device from polyurethane block material with the Hufschmied BlockBuster tool on a FOOKE Endura 715 (© Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme)


Holistic machining concept convinces

In their feedback, participants praised the compact form of the event, the technical depth of the presentation and the competence of the speakers. Andreas Rist from Huber Kunststoff & Technik GmbH, a mold and model maker from Wiedergeltingen, said: “Since fiber composite technology is an important part of our range of services, both parts of the Masterclass “Vacuum clamping fixtures and CFRP component trimming, trim milling & drilling” were very interesting for me. Hufschmied, Tebis and FOOKE did a good job of presenting a practical example. Once again, it became clear to me that with Hufschmied, we have an ideal partner for material- and process-optimized machining solutions at our side. We have been allowed to benefit from the innovative and promising solutions of the Hufschmied company for many years.”

The digital twin of the machining situation in Tebis CAM (© Tebis)


International version will follow

Following requests from abroad and the many positive responses, Hufschmied, Tebis and Fooke plan to repeat the event in English. The presentations and video summaries are now available to the public:

Designing and Manufacturing Vacuum Clamping Fixtures

Trimming CFRP components: trim milling & drilling

Abbreviated presentations:
Design and manufacture vacuum clamping fixtures

Trimming CFRP components: trim milling & drilling