Our member CompPair receives a CHF 500,000 growth loan from the Bern Foundation for Technological Innovation. It will help the start-up bring its self-repairing and recyclable composite materials to new markets.


The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) is supporting the growth phase of CompPair, a startup founded in Renens in 2020. Under a so-called FIT Tech Growth loan, CompPair will receive 500,000 Swiss francs, according to a media release.

The spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne is pursuing a vision of durable and fully recyclable composite materials. The company has developed such smart and sustainable composites for every conceivable application, from aerospace and automotive to marine, sports and wind power.

They are based on a new type of resin. It gives composites the ability to heal cracks and delaminations within minutes, reportedly up to 400 times faster than conventional options.

With sports equipment maker Salomon, CompPair has developed a lighter, shock-absorbing ski that reduces CO2 emissions by 20 percent and repairs scratches and edge cracks. CompPair is also cooperating with the Decathlon sporting goods chain. The startup is working on reusable vehicles with Ariane Group, which provides products and equipment for space travel. The FIT Tech Growth loan is expected to help the startup develop a second product line, gain a further foothold in the wind power, recreation and aerospace markets, and hire new talent. mm/punkt4.info