Cevotec, the leading provider of Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology for complex composites, partners with Multistation to expand its presence in the French market. Already today, France is an important market for Cevotec, given its large aerospace and composite manufacturing industry. Multistation, with its long-term expertise in digital and additive manufacturing solutions and the aerospace industry, is the ideal partner for Cevotec to locally support French manufacturers with FPP technology solutions.

The French industry is at the forefront of composite materials development, in particular given the use of these materials in the construction of aircrafts. Strong R&D funding in this area also resulted in the creation of specialized and well-financed R&D institutions. Consequently, Cevotec has grown a customer base in France from early days onwards, as French manufacturers value the new opportunities for automation that the automated FPP lay-up systems of Cevotec provide.

“We are happy about our new partnership with Multistation to better serve French manufacturers with Fiber Patch Placement technology,” says Thorsten Groene, CEO and Co-Founder of Cevotec. “Their extensive experience in the aerospace industry, combined with their local presence in the market, make them an ideal partner for us.” Multistation is a leading provider of digital and additive manufacturing solutions for aerospace, automotive and further industries. With over 30 years of experience, Multistation provides customers with software, materials, engineering services and the latest automation technology to optimize their manufacturing processes.

“The partnership with Cevotec expands our portfolio of manufacturing solutions and allows us to offer our customers an even broader range of disruptive options,” said Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation. “We look forward to working with Cevotec and our customers introduce Fiber Patch Placement into their production processes.” Thorsten Groene concludes: “We are confident that this partnership will enable us to reach new customers and expand our business in France. Together, we will provide manufacturing solutions that support manufacturers to optimize their production processes and increase efficiency.”

Cevotec will be present at JEC World on April 25-27 in Paris, Villepinte. Interested parties can meet the team at booth N71 in hall 5.



About Cevotec:

Munich-based automation specialist Cevotec offers one of the world’s most advanced production systems for complex fiber composites. At the intersection of composites, mechanical engineering and software, Cevotec develops production systems and software based on Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) technology: SAMBA and ARTIST STUDIO. The production systems enable the automated lay-up of carbon fiber, glass fibers, adhesive films and other technical fibers on complex 3D geometries. Manufacturers use FPP technology to produce e.g. multi-material aerostructures, composite pressure vessel reinforcements, and other high-performance components in a quality-controlled, fully automated process, which enables them to realize cost & cycle time savings of 20%-60% when switching from conventional processes to Fiber Patch Placement.



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