In the EU project “MC4 – Multi-level Circular Process Chain for Carbon and Glass Fibre Composites”, methods for recycling carbon and glass fiber composite components are being developed to enable materials to be recycled economically. To build up a database on the collection and logistics of fiber waste, the project partners are asking for participation in their survey.

The EU project MC4 – “Multi-level Circular Process Chain for Carbon and Glass Fibre Composites” investigates circular approaches for the reuse of composite materials made of carbon and glass fibres. It develops process technologies and quality assurance methods that enable economical recycling of carbon and glass fibre components. MC4 focuses on various reuse and recycling processes along the life cycle of composites. These include chemical recycling technologies for economically efficient separation of matrix and carbon fibres, processing technologies for the reuse of prepreg waste from production processes (e.g. cutting), and mechanical recycling processes for components made of glass fibre composites. The consortium includes 15 partners from 7 European countries. Process developers, material producers, composite component manufacturers and end users cover the entire value chain. The Saxon Textile Research Institute Chemnitz (STFI) is contributing its expertise in the field of carbon  fibre recycling.


As part of the project, a survey will be conducted to characterize carbon and glass fibre waste in order to gather information on the nature of waste management as well as costs incurred in the process. Please participate in the survey, it will take about five minutes to complete.

For inquiries, please contact:

Marcel Hofmann
Saxon Textile Research Institute Chemnitz (STFI)

For more information on the project and the partners, please visit the project website: