Suprem is boosting its thermoplastic towpreg technology to support large scale automated additive
manufacturing of composite parts. Machinery and process innovations have been industrialized to produce important quantity of high and constant quality unidirectional Tapes and Profiles.

Suprem’s continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic Tapes and Profiles are dedicated to:

  • Tape winding for making pipes and tanks with high burst pressure
  • Tape placement of parts with in-situ consolidation
  • 3D-printing of complex and light components


Bild: Suprem SA

Tailored combination of fibres (carbon, glass, aramid…) and high-performance thermoplastics (from PA to PEEKs) can be processed with this technology to fulfil customer individual requirements in various applications from down the sea and up to the space.

Dr. Anatole Gilliot, CEO: «I am very glad we could implement Suprem’s team ideas into our thermoplastic towpreg technology. This allows us to ramp-up our manufacturing capacity while still offering to our customers high quality products for automated processing. I am thankful to Suprem’s shareholders and our partners suppliers who have been supporting our evolution over the last years. As pioneer in the thermoplastic composite market, Suprem is looking forward to supporting the increasing number of applications.»

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