The 2nd edition of our Innovation Day “Tailored Structures” on October 19, 2023 was a great success: About 100 international guests met for knowledge and experience exchange in the CU-Mixup.World at the virtual host, the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden e. V. (IPF). The CU working groups Multi-Material Design, Tool and Mold Making, Additive Manufacturing and Smart Structures had invited the guests.

The event focused on lightweight design with fiber-reinforced composites using a minimum of materials. Exploiting the anisotropic properties of unidirectional composites plays a key role here. In the lecture program, current developments in the design, manufacture and application of such ultra-lightweight structures were presented and discussed with international partners from science and industry in order to create the basis for sustainable and resource-saving product development of future lightweight applications.

The speakers reported, for example, on their experiences in the use of blended or hybrid yarns, on the further development of tailored fiber placement technology to achieve higher deposition rates or to ensure the simultaneous deposition of thicker fiber rovings, on the deposition of impregnated rovings for the production of material-efficient composite structures, or on laser-assisted tape placement to increase productivity.

We would like to thank the participants from all over the world, the great presentations and discussions and of course Prof. Axel Spickenheuer and his team from the IPF, the co-presenters, Dr. Mohamed Adli Dimassi from the Fiber Institute Bremen and Stefan Carosella from the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) at the University of Stuttgart and the TEC-KNIT Creative Center for Technical Textiles for supporting the event.


Relaxed networking at the virtual CU Coffee Bar