The third feature of calcbond is the AutoFEA – the module to perform automated finite element analyses of standardized bonded joint use cases.

After developing a module to evaluate adhesive bonded joints using analytical methods, ar engineers went even further and developed a module to provide on-demand engineering analyses for more complex adhesive joints.

In this new feature, standardized adhesive joint use cases (e.g., bonded beams or fasteners) can be quickly analysed without the need to be an expert in FEM (Finite element method) or stress analysis.

Using the AutoFEA feature of calcbond, the user can select a use case, easily configure geometry, material data and the analysis setup. Also, users have access to extensive engineering data from the “Material Cards” module.  Analysis settings like loading and boundary conditions are very illustrative and simple so that the user has the minimum effort required, as seen below:

After defining all the necessary data, the user submits the simulation request, which is promptly processed by the local ar engineers server. After automated pre-processing and solving, the generated results are directly returned to the calcbond server for the user to view.  The user will be able to evaluate the joint deformation as well as adherend and adhesive stresses:


In this way, users can go from defining the problem to evaluating the results of their adhesive joint with minimal effort – and all within a few minutes!

This feature will greatly boost the decision-making and design assessment process within companies, as well as reduce calculation time without the requirement to establish in-house CAE resources. The automatically generated analysis report helps customers to standardize their internal communications and facilitate the product certification process.

The calcbond platform will be launched on June 14, 2022.

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