Tobias Gerngross was employed for eight years at the German Aerospace Center, where he held various positions including project and group leader. In 2017 he moved to RUAG Space, where he is now Manager Innovation and Development. He was elected to the Board of Directors of Composites United Switzerland at the General Meeting in May 2020. From 2010 to 2017, he was already involved with Composites United at the Augsburg office. Composites have always been a key topic in the career of the 43-year-old German. With his many years of experience and expertise in composites, he intends to make a lasting contribution to the board of directors of CU Switzerland. Above all, he wants to contribute to the target design and association strategy by bringing in and representing the industrial user side, especially in the area of space applications. He has nothing but praise for Composites United: “The extensive network brings together experts from industry and research institutions, promotes the exchange and, as a result, also the application of composite materials. Basic knowledge of composites is also conveyed through the educational offerings”. He looks forward to a positive future for composites in Switzerland. He said that space travel is experiencing an exciting time, driven in part by international lunar and Mars programmes and a number of major development projects. This has an impact on the order situation and the resulting growing demand for composite structures, says Gerngross.