Composites United continues to expand its member service and launches an international newsletter with its network partner from Japan, the Innovative Composite Center (ICC). Several times a year important news from the ICC network in Japan will be distributed in the CU and vice versa. This is intended to stimulate and intensify the exchange between the network players.

Furthermore, we are in contact with other international network partners, e.g. IACMI from the USA, to establish the international newsletter with further strong international partners. Stay tuned!

The first CU newsletter for the ICC focusing on event highlights in 2023 as well as CU publications has already been distributed in Japan. Linked below, you will now find the first newsletter from the ICC Network for the CU. This contains information on exciting projects and technologies from Japan. Enjoy reading!

Joint Newsletter ICC to CU, Vol. 1


If you have any queries, suggestions or exciting content for the newsletter for the ICC in Japan, please feel free to contact us!

Contact: Dr. Bastian Brenken (