Today’s greatest challenge in realizing energy-efficient structures from fibre-reinforced plastics lies in the capacity to manufacture high quality parts quickly and cost-effectively. This limits their availability for high volume production markets. Antefil Composite Tech is a start-up located at ETH Zurich which revolutionizes high volume composites manufacturing by providing textile preforms made from glass fibres which are individually clad in a meltable, recyclable plastic. Our mission is to expedite the transition of the global composites industry to a more cost- and energy-efficient future, helping previously untouched markets adapt advanced lightweight materials. To achieve these goals, we redefine the limits of cycle time, preform cost and laminate quality encountered in high-volume composites production.

For the site in Zurich Antefil is looking for a Mechanical/process/materials engineer (m/f/d) with immediate effect. Please send your application to the contact given in the job description.