The new Composite United member Japan Composite Materials (JCM) has developed a special expertise in thermoplastic composites as well as life cycle assessment (LCA). It looks for a collaboration and offers his services to CU members who are interested in the Japanese market.

JCM is developing an advanced composite design in Japan that takes into consideration the LCA of CFRP products.

CFRP / CFRTP product design can no longer contribute to society simply by being “light and strong”, and if there is no mechanism to loop completely many times like conventional steel and aluminum alloy materials, engineers will hesitate to use it even if it has better specific strength than the metal material.

JCM has been engaged in the development of CFRTP prepregs at intermediate material manufacturers after working on material design for Japanese home appliance manufacturers, which have strict home appliance recycling laws, and CFRTP research work for automobile companies. We would like to propose the latest circulation system for mass-produced composites and promote the realization of CFRP / lightweight structural material production that can be mass-produced with peace of mind all over the world. If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact the CU Japan representative Hiroji Nishikawa (

Learn more about JCM’s product portfolio here.