ITP Aero the leading Spanish Company for aero-engine components with its headquarter in Bilbao buys ca. 10% of BJS Ceramics. At the same time both companies agree in a close cooperation to develop next generation ceramic fibers and their application into Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) components for the next generation aero-engines.
“With ITP Aero we attracted a capable long-term Partner that will enable us to further expand our fiber competencies throughout Europe. This step allows ITP to access SiC Fibers and accelerate its strategy to develop components derived therefrom with a secure all-European supply-chain” highlights Armin Bruch, executive partner at BJS. “This agreement will sustainably expedite our growth” elaborates Jutta Schull, shareholder and co-founder of BJS.
Both partners agreed to keep purchase-price and other details confidential.


BJS Ceramics GmbH
Siemensstrasse 6a
86368 Gersthofen

Armin Bruch, Executive Partner
Phone: +49 821 999 508 00


About BJS Ceramics GmbH:
BJS Ceramics GmbH is a private start-up company that carved out the business area „preceramic polymers and Silicon Carbide (SiC)-fibers” from SGL Carbon GmbH in 2014. Since then, BJS Ceramics GmbH develops preceramic polymers and SiC fibers. In February 2021, it started producing SiC fibers in the fiber pilot plant of Fraunhofer Center HTL in Bayreuth. SiC fibers are used in fiber reinforced SiC components in aero-engines to reach higher operating temperatures and hence improved efficiency, so that CO2-emissions in aviation can be significantly reduced. Also SiC-fiber reinforced components enable turbines to run on 100 % hydrogen as a fuel with zero CO2-emissions. One additional major future-oriented application is fusion energy for which SiC fibers are used in critical components for reactor linings.