icotec ag, a leading medical device manufacturer of Carbon/PEEK implants, strategically corporates with G-21 to distribute their bone cements in conjunction with icotec’s VADER® Pedicle Screw System in the United States.

December 16, 2020, Altstaetten, Switzerland – The VADER® Pedicle System is intended to restore the integrity of the spinal column even in the absence of fusion in patients with advanced stage tumors involving the thoracic or lumbar spine in whom life expectance, prior to oncological treatment, is of insufficient duration to permit achievement of fusion.

The VADER® screw’s fenestration allows for bone cement augmentation following icotec’s state-of-the-art standard open, minimally invasive, or percutaneous surgical procedure to increase stability in patients with compromised bone quality caused by spinal tumors.

“The G-21 bone cements are a perfect complement to icotec’s fast growing portfolio of spinal implants made from our proprietary radiolucent, nonmetallic BlackArmor® material that produces minimal image artifact while eliminating shielding and scattering of radiation during oncology treatments,” explained Roger Stadler, CEO of icotec ag.

G-21 manufactures both V-Steady and V-Fast polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) based bone cements that are formulated to be delivered via vertebral augmentation procedures using its corresponding mixing and application systems for the injection of bone cement within screws for vertebral fixation. When used in conjunction with the icotec VADER® pedicle screw 6.0, V-Steady and V-Fast bone cements can increase stability in patients with compromised bone quality as long as the integrity of the spine is not severely compromised.

Filippo Foroni, executive Vice President of G-21 commented, “This distribution agreement is a significant milestone for the growth of G-21 and the sale of our bone cements for pedicle screw augmentation in the United States. icotec is an essential partner that has the corporate expertise, sales network and marketing reach to bring our combined solution to spine surgeons and their spinal tumor patients across the country.” Both companies have worked diligently to make the combined solution quickly available to clinics in the United States.

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