The application of hybrid lightweight structures in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly important, especially where the property profile of monolithic materials is no longer sufficient and only an intelligent mix of materials can meet the increasingly complex requirements.

One example of hybrid lightweight structures is hybrid laminates. This composite structure consists of metallic thin sheets and fiber-plastic composites (FRP) that are alternately layered. The combination of the different material classes is characterized by high specific strength and stiffness as well as good damage tolerance. As a result, the hybrid laminates are predestined as a novel lightweight material for applications in mobility, especially in crash safety-relevant components. The use of an FRP with a thermoplastic matrix enables application-specific shaping in the molding process as well as recycling into the economic cycle at the end of the life cycle.

A major challenge is the adhesion between the metal alloy and the FRP. In order to be able to realize a near-series production of the hybrid laminates, a reproducible process for the pretreatment of the sheet surfaces is to be developed which does not require any auxiliary materials such as adhesion promoters.

As part of a planned research project, an innovative laser-based method for surface structuring of the sheets is to be developed in cooperation with the Institute of Production Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden.

Up to now, this novel class of materials has received little attention from industry due to the complex manufacturing process and material behavior, despite its diverse property profile.  Therefore, we would like to further develop our project idea together with you by designing the material and the manufacturing process close to industry as well as under special consideration of economic aspects.


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