Events & Dates

WG-Meeting “Sustainability”

Event Location:

online / Zoom

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

The Working Group “Sustainability” of the Composites United Network is the exchange platform for all relevant sustainability topics in the field of fiber-reinforced composite materials and the successor of the former working group “rCF applications”. After a successful kick-off event before the summer break, we start with the actual work in the group by focusing on specific aspects of composites sustainability, starting with a focus on LCA in this meeting.

This meeting comprises a workshop to identify the needs of the players in the CU network with respect to LCA: What are relevant topics to address and work on? What and where are benefits, specifically for industry? Where is the industry willing to cooperate? Where is the industry willing to spend money? These questions should be addressed and answered in this event to lay the groundwork and identify interested players for the future work.

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