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Webseminar Wednesday: A solution to align reduced maintenance costs and reduced CO2 emissions

Event Location:

Online (Zoom)

9:00 bis 10:00 h

During the webseminar, CompPair will dive deep into how they are solving two significant problems in the composites industry: keeping costs low and reducing CO2 emissions.
CompPair’s innovation, HealTechTM, is a new composite system enabling embedded ultra-fast repair. Currently available as prepregs, HealTechTM builds composite structures with a 400x reduced repair time, reduced maintenance time and costs, and increased toughness.
Amaël Cohades, CEO of CompPair, will share how you can implement HealTechTM in your company to solve problems of repetitive impacts and fatigue. Describing the drawbacks, benefits and what results you can expect, you will find out everything you need to know about CompPair’s healable composite technology.
Thanks to CompPair’s HealTechTM, it is now possible to align reduced costs and reduced CO2 emissions in one solution!

Speaker: Amaël Cohades, CompPair Technologies