Events & Dates

CU Workshop „Fiber-Matrix-Interphases“

Event Location:

online @ Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. (IPF)

09.00 a.m. – 02.30 p.m.


The CU Workshop “Fiber-Matrix Interphases” is an event of the CU Working Group Fiber-Matrix Adhesion.

Fiber production and surface treatment are crucial for the formation of interfacial layers between reinforcing fibers and polymer matrix materials. At this year’s Workshop, predominantly participants from international research institutions will present their facilities and exchange current approaches for the design and charac-terization of interphases in fiber-reinforced polymer composites. Methods for the simulation-based determi-nation of fiber-matrix interaction will also be presented at the event. They serve to build a deeper under-standing of the processes in the interphase under mechanical loads and thus help to drive future material developments.

Moderation: Dr. Christina Scheffler (IPF), Head of CU Working Group Fiber-Matrix-Adhesion

Event language: English

In addition to attending the lectures and the workshop, there will be the opportunity to present yourself in the CU MixUp.World. For more information on the digital exhibition areas, please see the program (see below).



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