Events & Dates

CU Innovation Day “Structural Health Monitoring meets Non-Destructive Testing”

Event Location:

Innovationspark Zürich
Wangenstrasse 68
8600 Dübendorf / Switzerland

09:30 am – 04:30 pm

We are happy to invite you to the upcoming CU Innovation Day “Innovation by Cooperation: Non-Destructive Testing meets Structural Health Monitoring”. The event promises to be an engaging and informative gathering that explores the synergy between two pivotal fields in the world of aerospace, materials and structural engineering.

The focus of the event is on the following topics:

  • Keynotes about the state of art in NDT and SHM
  • Presentations from stakeholders in the field of NDT and SHM for composites focusing on
    • Advanced materials and additive manufacturing
    • Material characterization and quantification
    • Digital twins and simulations
    • Best practices and emerging trends
  • Tabletop exhibitions of service and hardware providers
  • Tour through the Immersive Wave Lab and working groups at the Innovationspark Zürich


We will schedule a total of 2 Keynotes (25 minutes) and 9 presentations (10 minutes), each followed by a short and dynamic panel and Q&A session.

Please see the PDF for the agenda and further information and use the link to register.

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