CU-Member UptimAI has developed unique AI-powered software that together with an experienced engineering team allows to have deeper insights into the designs and to optimize them for real-life operation.

Engineering problems don’t have a unique and deterministic solution, and that is partly due to an inaccurate modeling of the environment and because of the impossibility to know exactly the initial conditions of the problem. A natural approach to simulations is treating the variables not as deterministic values but as probabilistic distributions.

Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) is the science that studies the measurement of the uncertainties and how to get statistical solutions based on unknown variables. It allows both to get more realistic solutions to engineering problems and to fully understand how imperfections can affect the solution.

On the other hand, Statistical Optimization (SO) is the optimization of a function whose variables are affected by randomness or uncertainty. It allows us to define new ranges for the variables that give a consistent statistical increase or decrease of the outputs.

But in addition to use UQ and SO, what makes the Uptimai approach unique is that it combines this technology with a Machine Learning algorithm that allows increasing the efficiency of the software, reducing drastically the computational cost of the process and provide some additional insight.

That revolutionary use of AI in engineering allows one to learn from the own problem and select the most interesting sample points to create a data model more accurately while reducing the computational cost of the process.

Our engineering team unleashes all the potential of this combination, for advising how to improve the outcomes of your projects. We can reach the optimal solution for the whole range of operational conditions that will be encountered, assuring the best operation in all conditions. It allows you to not only achieve better results but also to reduce the development time and the cost of your R&D projects.


Further Information:
Dr. Martin Kubicek
+420 602 648 224