The SDG Award 2020 of the Swiss Green Economy Symposium goes to a team from Empa and ETH Zurich led by Prof. Ingo Burgert and Tanja Zimmermann. The prize was awarded in recognition of the achievements of the researchers in the field of sustainable building with wood. The team of researchers has succeeded in developing innovative technologies with which the resource wood can be used as a sustainable alternative and complement to other building materials. «Burgert and his team are making a massive contribution to ensuring that in future solutions and applications will find their way into our lives which will make a contribution to saving the climate,» stated the jury. The Swiss Green Economy Symposium presented the prize to wood researcher Burgert, who conducts research at both Empa and ETH Zurich, and also paid tribute to Tanja Zimmermann, who is the head of the Empa «Functional Materials» department and who, together with Burgert, had laid the foundations for the research work. Further information