Knowledge pool for progress

Through pioneering collaborations, consultant rothycon Carbon Bewehrung (carbon reinforcement) sets standards in the precast concrete industry and in concrete maintenance. Partners include renowned companies such as Hitexbau, Johne & Groß, newcycle, CG TEC Carbon and Glasfasertechnik as well as Asglaform composites. The cooperation goes beyond mere product presentations and offers comprehensive, sustainable solutions.

Acting as a commercial agency and technical support for projects, rothycon is the crucial link between producers of non-metallic reinforcements, construction processors and building owners. New perspectives are also opening up for planners, architects and structural engineers thanks to environmentally friendly reinforcement solutions. These not only increase the durability of buildings but also minimize harmful effects on the environment.

Specific solutions
In addition to carbon grids, rebars and molded parts, the product range also includes design and structural analysis for concrete reinforcement.

A new partnership with Asglaform GmbH, which produces carbon fiber-reinforced slabs for temporary road construction, has recently been added to the portfolio. These slabs can be laid by hand without machines, can be driven over by trucks, for example, and are reusable, making them ideal for structural repairs. In addition, products with glass, basalt and
natural fibers as fiber composites offer further environmentally friendly alternatives.

Production of the Asglaplate, a lightweight but highly resilient base plate, © Asglaform GmbH

Full commitment
The fact that rothycon can offer both the right products and comprehensive technical expertise guarantees a comprehensive project service. In addition, the proven cooperation with strong partners and participation in major industry trade fairs (see box) underline rothycon’s position as a driving force in the construction industry, particularly in the field of non-metallic solutions and fiber composite technology.

Entrepreneur Roy Thyroff, rothycon owner and also active in Composites United as Managing Director of the CU BAU specialist network, is personally committed to the key topic of “Lightweight construction in the building industry with fiber composites”. He has been involved in the non-metallic reinforcements complex since 2007, helping to make the construction industry more sustainable and innovative.

Ulmer BetonTage
The 68th BetonTage in Ulm will once again provide a platform where tradition and innovation in the construction industry come together. In 2024, rothycon Carbon Reinforcements and its impressive partners will once again be present here as a key player in the field of non-metallic solutions. A visit promises inspiring insights into pioneering technologies and sustainable building concepts.

May 14 – 16, 2024


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