Our new member Dolphitech Germany Gmbh is part of Dolphitech, a pioneer in the next-generation ultrasonic technology for non destructive testing. The company is recognised worldwide for high-quality ultrasonic non-destructive testing products, utilising unbeatable ultrasonic matrix imaging technology to inspect and detect damage, degradation, and defects in mission-critical assets across various industries, with a leading position in the inspection of composite materials.

Dolphitech delivers a cutting-edge inspection platform to improve measurable efficiencies in testing, production processes and costs.

Originating out of Norway’s leading industrial-technology cluster, the company has grown significantly, becoming an established technology leader in industrial ultrasonic NDT equipment. Dolphitech employs a team of multi-skilled R&D and engineering experts with diverse backgrounds in academia and industry. Dolphitech continuously investigates the capability and application of advanced ultrasonics, bringing proven solutions to the market that are easy to deploy and operate globally.

For more information visit www.dolphitech.com