Strengthened into the future of fibre composite applications in the building industry

The specialist network CU Bau des Composites United e.V. sets the strategic course for the development into an international association. For the use of fibre-reinforced materials in the construction industry, the experienced textile-concrete visionary Roy Thyroff, who is well connected in the industry, was won as managing director from September 2020.

Until 2019, the technical business economist and textile industry foreman dedicated himself as managing director to the establishment of V. Fraas Solutions in Textile GmbH, developing, among other things, machine and plant technologies for the production and further processing of technical textiles, textile reinforcements and carbon reinforcements. Since June 2019 he has been active along the entire textile value chain with the company rothycon. From 2012 to 2019, Roy Thyroff was also managing director of Tudalit e.V. until he was elected to the board at the end of June 2019.

CU Bau acts for the goal of providing the entire construction industry – from building owners, architects and planners to approval bodies and construction companies – with information and well-prepared, practice-oriented knowledge on building products with fibre-reinforced concrete and polymer matrix. So that these can be used optimally, in accordance with the material and with the corresponding approvals. As the supra-regional network of the internationally networked Composites United e.V., the CU Bau is already promoting the acceptance and widespread use of fibre-reinforced materials in the construction industry for its approximately 400 members from industry and science.

“With his position as Managing Director, Roy Thyroff will play an important key role in the further orientation of our specialist network CU Bau. I am very pleased and proud that we have been able to win him for us”, said Prof. Jens Ridzewski, Chairman of the Management Board of CU Bau. In addition to the expansion of current topics such as fibre-reinforced concrete, building with fibre-reinforced plastics, automated production (3D printing) as well as design and verification, Thyroff will also strongly address the precast concrete industry in the future and expand the strategic cooperation with the Ulmer Betontage. “In order to achieve our common goals, I will continue to strive for strategic partnerships with established companies and further education institutions and also integrate the national and international research landscape. My particular concern is to make topics such as composites, carbon and textile concrete comprehensible to the experts and the construction industry,” said Thyroff.
The previous Managing Director, Dr. Thomas Heber, who had temporarily taken over the management of CU Bau in addition to his other tasks in the CU network, added: “I am pleased that with Roy Thyroff, his experience and his personal network, we can now once again make much better use of the forward-looking potential for our members”.