Together with its partners, Composites United e. V. (CU) offers an annual training program. This comprehensive program is aimed at employees from design, simulation, production, assembly and testing across all industries and brings participants up to date with the latest manufacturing technologies, materials and quality assurance measures.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Drechsler (Spokesman of the Executive Commitee CU) and Frank Negretti (Chairman of the Executive Board CCG) signing the cooperation agreement

On January 16, 2024, the CU concluded a cooperation agreement with the Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft (CCG). Founded in 1960, the CCG is one of the leading technical and scientific training centers and offers a large number of national and international seminars every year, including in the fields of information and communication technology, sensor technology, traffic and transport systems, aerospace or electrical engineering and electronics. In the field of new materials and materials science, the CU and CCG now want to work more closely together, jointly advertise training courses and make the seminars available to members of the other partner at special rates. From now on, CU members will benefit from a 10% discount on CCG seminars.

By working together, the two organizations can pool their specific knowledge and skills to create a comprehensive and high-quality educational offering for their members. By working together, CU and CCG aim to significantly promote the transfer of knowledge and education in the field of composite materials and contribute to the development of specialists working in this technologically important area.

Dr. Tjark von Reden (CEO CU) is delighted with the agreement: “By combining our specific knowledge and skills with those of the CCG, a recognized institution with high-quality and practical seminars, we are making a significant contribution to the development of specialists who work in the field of fibre composites and will help shape the future of the composites industry. We look forward to working together!”

Dr. Jürgen Korschinsky (CU), Christian Munz (Managing Director CCG), Frank Negretti (Chairman of the Executive Board CCG), Prof. Dr. Klaus Drechsler (Spokesman of the Executive Comitee CU) and Dr. Tjark von Reden (CEO CU) after at the signing of the cooperation agreement (f.l.t.r.)
CU trainings 2024

More information about the Carl-Cranz-Gesellschaft and the seminar program can be found here:

Both associations, CU and CCG, also offer seminars in English. Please contact us if you are interested.

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