Specialists in complex mechanical machining of fibre composites are working with an ETH spin-off that is advancing the production of structural carbon composites through 3D printing.

Printscreen (Source: Carbomill/9T Labs)

By automating and digitising the workflow in composite production, high-performance composites can be produced easily and quickly, even if they have complex structures. Component designs are adapted virtually and manufactured directly in an automated way, which can shorten the entire development and manufacturing process by a factor of about 20. The fact that this is possible to the full extent is again related to the software used by 9T Labs. The software enables and supports design and simulation processes before the additive manufacturing process starts (digital manufacturing).

Carbomill is an official manufacturing partner of 9T Labs and maintains a close partnership with the young high-performance manufacturing company from Zurich. This enables Carbomill to be one of the first companies to offer this attractive solution for the production of CFRP series parts.


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