The online platform calcbond provides a comprehensive tool for the design, calculation and verification of adhesive bonded joints.

When designing overlapped bonded joints, analytical calculation models have a particular advantage, as the calculation is carried out within a very short time and therefore a quick assessment of the adhesive layer stress can be made.

On the calcbond platform developed by ar engineers GmbH, various analytical calculation methods are available that allow evaluation of the shear and peel stresses in the adhesive layer along the bonded joint. In order to represent a wide range of practice-relevant joints and thus provide the appropriate configuration for each user, simple overlapped structural bonds, double L-holders or a general-purpose sandwich model can be used.

Equivalent stresses are also calculated for a quick assessment of the adhesive stress, which can be directly compared with the tensile strength of the adhesive.

Here is an example of the evaluation of the shear and peel stresses as well as the failure criteria along the adhesive joint:




The calcbond platform will be launched on June 14, 2022. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact ar engineers by mail or by phone  or +49 40 228680980.