MAIlestones in research and development

Funding programs, project acquisition and current research priorities.

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Current research focuses on carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). In the future, however, ceramic matrix composites and fibre-reinforced concrete will also be considered.

In a broad portfolio of measures, MAI Carbon, together with its members from industry and science, is pushing forward the further development of fibre-based, multi-material lightweight construction at regional, national and international level. The activities are strategically supported and coordinated by the respective experts of the cluster. SMEs in particular should benefit from the research, development and innovation projects and be directly involved.

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MAI Carbon initiates and coordinates various projects along the entire value chain in the fields of technology, design and engineering, efficiency and sustainability, production systems as well as in the areas of education, networking and internationalisation. We support you in research and development topics that you would like to develop. We connect you with the right partners, find the right funding opportunities, initiate project programmes and are a strong partner for you along the entire project management process! No matter whether it is application, conflict management or implementation: We support you in all questions and problems concerning funding opportunities.

Funding programmes – a successful balance

Funding of Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon

Between 2012 and 2017, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research provided MAI Carbon with €40 million in funding for a leading-edge cluster to successfully transfer CFRP to large-scale production. Production costs were successfully reduced by up to 80% and offcuts/scrap by up to 90%. Sustainability concepts were developed, completely new construction methods established and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) strengthened. 36 successfully implemented joint projects have made a lasting contribution to the fact that CFRP has now established itself in automotive engineering, aerospace engineering and mechanical and plant engineering.

Campus Carbon 4.0

Campus Carbon 4.0 is a joint initiative of the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon and the University of Augsburg. Since the beginning in 2017, nine joint research projects have already been initiated with a project budget of approximately €30 million. The strategic orientation of Campus Carbon 4.0 is essentially based on two pillars: the digitisation of CFRP production and the promotion of hybrid materials.

International research

MAI Carbon has also been successfully conducting intercontinental research projects since 2019. Here, German companies and research institutions are working together with US and South Korean partners to investigate far-reaching issues in the finishing and reuse of CFRP.

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