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When the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon was launched in 2012, the targets set by the cluster itself seemed unattainable. Even the attempt to bring aviation and automotive companies together or direct market companions did not simplify it. However, it was also clear that only this major approach offered an opportunity for carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics to develop mass production capability.

Ralph Hufschmied

Spokesman of the Leading-Edge Cluster

CEO Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH


Only by bundling and concentrating the skills of very different players with their individual strengths could the necessary leap innovations be achieved. Bringing together different corporate cultures, creating a balance between market players or research institutions, uniting the interests of industry and research – all this was necessary and could only be achieved through an active cluster management.

In recent years, all this has been successfully realized. But not only the technological goals have been achieved, a network has been created that is constantly developing and setting itself new goals but has never lost its core.

In this network, different actors find their place, give input and generate added value. For this reason, the MAI Carbon region has attracted a number of international players who have established their development centres for CFRP in Bavaria.

MAI Carbon has again set itself ambitious goals for the coming years. The network must be constantly maintained and expanded, but in particular the major industrial issues of today must be addressed: Sustainability of components and processes, the digitalisation of production and the manufacture of products using AI. MAI Carbon will also be a central platform for bundling interests and driving forward developments in a targeted manner.

Research in MAI Carbon


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