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Webseminar Wednesday: Precise melting and coating equipment design and manufacture for the production of high quality thermosetting and thermoplastic Prepregs (English language version)


The request for standard fiber reinforced products is increasing because of high quality demands from the aerospace industry. It´s necessary to understand the product requirements in order to develop and design machine, which are able to realize the customer needs. Machinery supplier can support a standardized Prepreg production with high quality processes to reach at least comparable processes for the production of composite materials. Each process step for the Prepreg production starts from the resin film formation up to the fiber impregnation process. There are numerous criteria in the process, which have to be well adjusted and monitored for a reproducible process. Machinery suppliers are requested to produce high quality coating and laminating machines for the impregnation of fibers for semi-finished fibre-reinforced composites.

With the presentation we will show the latest development in resin coating processes as well as impregnation technology for thermosetting as well as thermoplastic applications to fulfill the requirements and performance of the production of high precise functional Prepregs.

Speaker: Andrea Glawe, KROENERT GmbgH & Co KG